Edit videos In VSCO In 2024 (A Comprehensive Tutorial)

Learn how to edit videos in VSCO (A comprehensive tutorial) In this modern time, every editor wants to use high-quality apps. That is best for editing pictures and videos. VSCO…

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Learn how to edit videos in VSCO (A comprehensive tutorial)

In this modern time, every editor wants to use high-quality apps. That is best for editing pictures and videos. VSCO Mod APK is one of the best applications to fulfil all your desires.

We prefer VSCO Mod APK as a sound editor due to its excellent features. You may use these features for free. Let’s discuss how to edit video in VSCO. 

How to edit videos in VSCO?

Here, we will discuss in easy steps how to edit videos in VSCO Mod APK, making it easier for all editors. 

Step 1: Open VSCO:

Firstly, you must launch the VSCO mod APK on your phone, computer, or laptop. It means it’s up to you to edit the photos. After that, you will tap the + button; it will start editing a new video.

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Step 2: Select Your Video:

Secondly, you have to select the video that you want to edit. You will choose from your gallery. Then, you can also record a new video directly in the VSCO mod APK app

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Step 3: Apply Filters:

Thirdly, after recording, you must scroll through the present filters at the bottom. After that, you will click on a filter to see how your videos look. That means you will see all filters and then select which is best for your video. 

Step 4: Adjust Settings:

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Fourthly, you use the editing tools to tweak settings, such as contrast, brightness, and saturation. These tools are very essential to make an attractive video. After that, drag the sliders until you are satisfied with the overall look of your videos. 

Step 5: Fine-Tune Your Edit:

It would help to explore additional editing options, such as adding effects or cropping. These editing options are essential in making your videos look stunning.

 Remember to crop unwanted elements from your video only because they can negatively impact it. Then, you will make any necessary adjustments to your video.

edit video in vsco

Step 6: Save and Share:

When you are satisfied with your edits, you can tap the save button. Additionally, if you want to share your edited pictures with others, you may share them directly on social media or save them in your gallery. 

edit video in vsco

Avoid things when editing the video in VSCO:

Here, we will explore critical things you must avoid while editing the video in VSCO mod APK

1. Overusing Filters:

It is the one mistake that every editor makes. Remember to avoid too many filters when editing the videos because they can look unnatural, like fake pictures. So, be careful and select one or two filters that suit your videos and look stunning. 

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2. Excessive Brightness:

Adjusting brightness should be done carefully to avoid overexposure. Modestly adjust the brightness to keep your video looking natural without overstretching it because brightness can negatively impact your video.

edit video in vsco

3. Heavy Contrast:

Extreme contrast settings should be avoided since they can give the impression that your video is harsh or unnatural. Choose a well-balanced contrast level to bring out the details without overly highlighting or darkening the highlights.

4. Saturation Overload:

Refrain from saturating your video too much, as it can make colors look artificial. It means you upload a video on social media, which can decrease the value of your overall video. Modestly adjust the saturation to boost vibrancy without losing authenticity.

5. over editing Speed:

You don’t want to speed up or slow down your video sparingly because that can make it look erratic or confusing. Therefore, to maintain a fluid and cohesive flow, use speed adjustments sparingly.

6. Cluttered Composition:

Avoid overcrowding your film with unnecessary objects or side topics.

Keep the composition simple and concentrate on the core idea to keep the audience interested.

7. Inconsistent Transitions:

Steer clear of utilising abrupt or wildly showy clip transitions. Select transitions that naturally blend in with your video’s general tone and flow. Additionally, it can leave a lasting impression on everyone. 

8. Poor Audio Balance:

Audio plays a leading role in your video, which can increase or decrease the value of your video. Pay attention to audio balance, ensuring that primary audio cues and conversation don’t overpower background music or sound effects.

Edit videos in VSCO

Why do editors prefer VSCO to edit videos?

Indeed, you will never think about why all editors prefer to edit videos in VSCO mod APK. So, here we will explore why it is a popular choice for all editors. 

Intuitive Interface:

The VSCO interface is incredibly user-friendly. It is ideal for novices and specialists because it isn’t manageable for you with possibilities. That means if you are a beginner, you can easily use it and edit videos in vsco. 

Cool Filters:

There are so many unique filters in VSCO. Everything from delicate adjustments to striking effects is available for every style. It’s comparable to owning a magic wand for your films!

 Total Control:

With VSCO mod APK, you’re the boss. You can adjust everything from brightness to colours with just a few taps. It’s like having a professional editing studio in your pocket.

Ready-Made Styles:

I am still trying to figure out where to begin. Not to worry! VSCO includes pre-made styles that provide quick flair to your videos. It’s similar to having several experienced editors at your disposal.

Top Notch Quality:

VSCO gives your videos the most excellent quality that they deserve. Your videos remain crisp and clear even after extensive editing. It’s similar to enhancing your recollections with a hint of glitz.

Community Vibes:

A large, welcoming club is what joining the VSCO group is like. You can pick up tips from others, exchange ideas, and become inspired. You have a group of artistic friends supporting you. 

 Anywhere, Anytime:

It is the most significant opportunity for all VSCO mod APK. It follows you wherever you go. You may edit your films from anywhere, using a computer or a phone. It’s similar to carrying around a mobile editing studio in your pocket.



So, it’s time to conclude! As you know, VSCO, mod APK is one of the best applications with advanced features. You may use their features for free. It is like game changers that make your video stunning.

You can easily edit videos in VSCO mod APK by following these easy steps. Such as opening VSCO, selecting your video, applying filters, adjusting settings, fine-tuning your edit, and Saving and Sharing. There is another amazing application named Lightroom Mod Apk which does the excellent job.

So, take your time; follow these easy steps and impress anyone with your videos! And if you want to download the application for Free please click here.

Thank You for reading this entire blog!


Q1: What is VSCO?

A: VSCO is the best application for editing videos. 

Q2: Is VSCO suitable for beginners?

A: It is suitable for beginners because it is easy.

Q3: Is VSCO available for free?

A: Yes, it is available for free.

Q4: Can I share my edited videos directly from VSCO to social media platforms?

A: You can easily share your edited videos directly from VSCO to social media. 


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