How to use VSCO: (21 essential editing tips and tricks)

As every editor knows VSCO is one of the best applications for editing photos and videos. Because it has many features to attract everyone but one the best. But one…


As every editor knows VSCO is one of the best applications for editing photos and videos. Because it has many features to attract everyone but one the best. But one of the best features is that you can use it for free. 

Yes, as a good editor, I used many apps for editing the photos but literally, it is very amazing! It is gaining popularity day by day because of its features. So, let’s discuss how to use VSCO Mod APK! 

How to use VSCO Mod APK: (21 essential editing tips and tricks)

Here we will explore how to use VSCO MOD APK in 21 essential editing tips and tricks, making it easier for all editors. 

1. Download and Install VSCO:

Firstly, you have found VSCO APK in your app store. After finding it you will install it. When it has been installed then you have to open the application. 

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After that, you will create an account. If you don’t know how to make an account on it, you may get help from the internet. Now, you can start the editing And let’s explore how to use VSCO Mod APK! 

2. Import Your Photo:

Secondly, you have to select the photo that you want to edit. This means you will choose the photo from your gallery. Then, tap the + icon in VSCO to import it into the editing interface. That simply means it will bring your photos into the process of editing. 

edit video in vsco

3. Explore Filters:

You have to browse through VSCO’s selection of filters by swiping left or right. Tap on a filter to see how it looks in your photo. It is very essential because it will tell you which filter will suit your picture. And then you will see which one is best for your photos! 

use vsco mod apk

4. Adjust Filter Strength:

After selecting the best filter that suits your photos you will apply a filter on it. After that, you have to use a slider to adjust its strength. Keep one thing in mind: you must keep a right and accurate balance between the filter effects and your original photos. Because it can increase or decrease the value of your photo’s appearance. 

5. Use Basic Editing Tools:

Always remember one thing when you are editing the photos. You must experiment with basic editing tools. Such as; contrast, brightness, and saturation. Because these tools will always help you to make an attractive photo that can leave the last impression in front of everyone. 

6. Crop and Straighten:

Many editors forget to crop their photos. If you do not crop unwanted parts from your photos it will look ugly. So, you must crop your photo to remove unwanted elements that you don’t want to show in your pictures.

After cropping unwanted parts, you will see that your photos will change into another look. You can say it’s like a game-changer!

7. Apply Presets:

As you know presets are the extra additional features for your photos so don’t forget to use them. That simply means you must explore VSCO’s preset features for quick edits. Additionally, a preset always provides predefined adjustments tailored to different styles and moods.

use vsco mod apk

8. Create Your Own Presets:

When you are satisfied with your edited photos so must save edits as a preset. It is very essential because it will allow you to apply the same adjustments to your future pictures with just one click. 

9. Adjust Exposure:

Be careful about the brightness. That simply means Adjusting the exposure of your picture to manage the overall brightness. For a brighter image, increase exposure; for a darker one, lower it.

Additionally, it will also give a new look to your photos that will always help you to catch the eyes of everyone. 

10. Enhance Contrast:

Contrast is also an essential element for your picture. So, adjust the contrast to make your photo’s colours and details pop. Increase contrast for a more dynamic look or decrease it for a softer appearance. Furthermore, it will give a stunning look to your photos that can impress everyone. 

use vsco mod apk

11. Boost Saturation:

Many professional editors also forget to boost saturation. Saturation affects the intensity of colours in your pictures. Increase saturation to make colours more vibrant or decrease it for a muted look. So, don’t forget to use it for your pictures. 

12. Adjust Temperature:

Temperature maintenance is one of the essential factors for editing photos. Your photo’s overall warmth or coldness is determined by its temperature. For a cosier appearance, turn up the temperature; for a colder one, turn it down. 

13. Fine-Tune Sharpness:

Surely, you are a lover of using social media and you want to attract many people to it, VSCO is best for you! Sharpen your pictures to boost their clarity and detail. Be careful not to over-sharpen, as it can introduce unwanted noise. So, sharpen and make attractive photos! 

14. Use Vignette Effect:

To bring attention to the centre of your picture, include a vignette. To achieve the desired look, change the vignette’s size and intensity. You may also adjust it according to your needs. 

15. Experiment with Grain Effect:

Your photo gains texture via grain, which gives it a film-like or vintage appearance. To get the desired look, change the grain intensity. Furthermore, if you want a professional look to your photos, you should change the look! 

16. Adjust Skin Tones:

Keep some essential editing in mind when you are editing the photos. Use tools like skin tone correction for portraiture to get skin tones that look natural. Your subjects will appear their best as a result. And always remember that natural skin tone is better than others. 

17. Balance Highlights and Shadows:

Surely, you have a lot of friends and there is competition to gain more votes on social media with your help. So, adjust the photograph so that the lighting and shadows are in perfect proportion. This guarantees texture and detail in both dark and bright regions.

18. Use Fade Effect:

If you prefer a dreamy or nostalgic look, it is perfect for you! Yes VSCO can also fulfil all your desires. Fade adds a subtle haze to your photo, giving it a dreamy or nostalgic vibe. So, don’t forget to adjust the fade intensity to control the effect. 

19. Experiment with Tint:

Be a professional editor! That simply means Playing with different tint levels to get distinct looks. Tint adds a colour cast to your photo, changing its overall hue. It also gives an aesthetic look to your photos. 

20. Share Your Edits:

When you are satisfied with editing, save the edited photos to your device. Additionally, you can also share your images directly from VSCO to social media platforms. This means if you want to share your picture on Facebook, you may easily share it.  

21. Keep Practising and Experimenting:

Keep in mind that the more you use VSCO, the better you will become a professional editor. And don’t be hesitant or afraid to try new techniques and tools for editing the photos. Because new things bring new opportunities in your life that open new doors for success. 

Things to avoid when using VSCO: 

Now, it’s time to tell you which things you must avoid when you are editing photos in Lightroom. 

Overdoing Brightness: 

It is the main mistake that everyone makes when they edit their photos in Lightroom. Never make your picture too bright or too dark. Means it should be normal. 

Keep in mind that the darkest and brightest picture can decrease the overall look of your picture. So, keep it balanced then it will look clear and natural. 

Filter Overload: 

Too many filters can decrease the beauty of your photos. So, don’t use too many filters. Additionally, the biggest advantage of too many pictures is that they can make your picture look fake. Now, use those limited filters that can enhance the look of your pictures.  

Ignoring Composition: 

Take note of the arrangement of your photo. Elements such as the placement of the main subject and whether or not lines direct your gaze. An image looks better when it has a good composition. Now, be careful about it!

Too Much Skin Editing: 

Many editors do too much skin editing that looks fake. So, if you are editing keep in mind that don’t smooth skin too much or change its colour too drastically. 

Furthermore, the main disadvantage is that it can also make them look strange. Keep it realistic and natural so that you can leave the last impression in front of everyone. 

Forgetting White Balance: 

Brightness plays an important role in your pictures. Verify that the colours in your picture are accurate. Modify the white balance if they don’t seem right. It preserves colour accuracy. If the colours are not accurate, it can decrease the overall look of your picture. 

Noise Overkill: 

Many editors always forget to remove it. Removing every single dot from your image is not necessary, particularly if it is dark. Some noise is to be expected. Excessive removal can cause your image to lose details.

Cropping Carelessly: 

Be careful when cutting parts out of your picture. It can change how it looks and make it less clear. Crop with purpose, but don’t cut out too much.

 That simply means when you crop your photos so only cut unnecessary parts from your photos and don’t cut essential parts. Such as; hands, face, etc. 

Not Saving Originals: 

Maintain a copy of the original image at all times. You can always go back if something goes wrong. It functions as your edits’ safety net. Because many editors forget to save their photos when they need to, so they don’t have photos. 

Why only VSCO is best for editing photos and videos? 

Now, it’s time to tell you why every editor prefers VSCO for editing photos and videos, 

We have a guide to help you learn video and photo editing

User-Friendly Interface: 

VSCO provides a simple and easy function that everyone can easily use. That simply means you don’t need to be a professional to enhance the quality of your pictures; VSCO is very user-friendly. 

Diverse Filters: 

With the variety of filters offered by VSCO, users can customise their photos to fit their tastes in styles and moods. There are filters on VSCO for every situation, whether you want to accentuate colours, add warmth, or create a retro aesthetic.

Advanced Editing Tools: 

In this modern time, everyone likes apps that have advanced features. So, VSCO is one the best apps that has advanced features to edit your videos. From adjusting exposure and contrast to cropping and straightening, VSCO gives you full control over your edits.

Creative Presets: 

Presets are the super function that can give extra beauty to your photos. VSCO offers creative presets to make it easy to get stunning pictures. Presets not only give an aesthetic look to your picture but also save you time while still producing high-quality edits.

Seamless Sharing: 

VSCO makes it simple to share your modified images and films with the world once you’ve perfected them. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be seamlessly integrated with your work, allowing friends and followers to see it right away.

Final words:

Now, it’s time to conclude! As everyone knows VSCO is one of the best apps that give you many features for your photos. However many people do not know how to use VSCO. 

So, by following all the tips and tricks that I have mentioned in this blog, you can easily use VSCO. Don’t worry it is very easy to use but keep in mind that one of the main things when you are editing is not to use too many filters because it can decrease the look of your pictures. 

Now, why are you still waiting? Follow all tips and tricks, edit your photos, and be attractive to your all fellows. 

Hope, this article will provide complete information about VSCO. Thank you so much for reading this entire blog!


Q1: How to make VSCO aesthetic?

A: To make VSCO aesthetic, focus on cohesive colour schemes, and natural lighting in your photos.

Q2: Is VSCO good for photo editing?

A: Yes, it is good for photo editing. 

Q3: How to be successful at VSCO?

A: To be successful on VSCO, consistently post high-quality content that resonates with your audience and engages with the VSCO community.

Q4: Why do so many girls use VSCO?

A: Many girls use VSCO because it is a very easy-to-use photo editing tool and social sharing features.

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