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Although digital images have made our albums more delicate with high-quality resolution and accurate colors, many people are looking for old movie image effects. The question of how to make…

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Although digital images have made our albums more delicate with high-quality resolution and accurate colors, many people are looking for old movie image effects. The question of how to make photographs look like movies is becoming easier these days. With the smartphone upgrade, there is more shooting and editing to learn simple tricks for handling cinematic images.

In this article, we will explain easy tricks on how to Make A Photo Look Like A Film Photo. Besides the basic adjustments of pictures, apps for film photo editors and useful iPhone and Andriod tutorials easily help to edit photos to look like film.

How to Make A Photo Look Like A Film Photo

Take a look at these four points to give your photos a surprising cinematic effect.

  1. Use film presets or film filters 
  2. Adjust color temperature
  3. Add film grain to the photo
  4. Adjust highlight and shadow

1.  Use film presets or film filters 

Adding a film filter is an easy way to edit your photos to look like film.

Film presets give your photos a cinematic look by mimicking the effects of movie film with retro grain and noise. Adobe Lightroom is known for its professional film presets. And Lightroom comes preloaded with a variety of film presets, because making it easy to add them to your photos. However, you have to pay for the features.

Fotor has made it possible to make your images look like a movie in seconds. And Multiple photo filters have covered everything you need in old film effects. Because Cinematic filters have many styles to choose from. Whether it’s a cinematic filter, cinematic filter, vintage filter, or more filters suitable for cinematic effects, there is a library of filters and effects available to easily create cinema-quality photos.

vsco presets

2. Adjust color temperature

Color temperature is an important adjustment for film-quality photos. Because film photos always create a warm atmosphere with a yellow color. And If you want to film your photos in yellow, the key is to warm up the tones.

Furthermore, the warm tone of the color and low saturation are some of the characteristics of the cinematic image. Because adjusting saturation correctly can mimic film stills that have a vintage feel. These two settings are typically used for film-type photography.

3. Add film grain to the photo

With advanced cameras, your photos are clearer than ever before with vivid details. But the feel of the movie was gone. Film photography is not about extremely high resolution, but about the mood of the moment.

Photos that look like movies often have poor clarity, noise, and grain. Because if you want to imitate the effect of film, adding noise and grain to images is a good way. However, adding film grain to photos cannot be unlimited; this method will lose image quality somehow. So, add it properly.

4. Adjust highlight and shadow

Film photos typically have a high contrast between light and dark. So unlike regular photos with HDR applied, film photos have a low white balance. Highlights and Shadows can adjust the brightness and darkness of your image.

The vague lights and shadows give it a sense of time gone by. If you want to imitate this feeling, don’t conform to the normal photography standard. And try giving photos more highlights and shadows to create a great contrast with inaccurate exposure.

Apps that Make A Photo Look Like A Film Photo


System IOS and  Android 

Best for film filter and effects

Fotor is a great film filter app with a huge selection of film filters for you to use. Because you can easily try out several movie filters with effects such as vintage, cinematic, retro, and more. So convert your photos to classic film quality with one click.

Additionally, you can customize the movie quality with more tools. Blurry images, vignetted photos, washed-out images, and the addition of film grain and noise make your photos closer to film quality in seconds.


System IOS and  Android 

Best for photo editing 

VSCO is a filter app that makes your photos look cinematic with over 200 filters. VSCO Film Filters allow you to easily edit film-quality photos with contrast, exposure, saturation, grain, fade, and other tools. By the way, you can customize and recreate vintage film filters to mimic the texture and feel of film effects.

vsco for editing

Huji Cam

System IOS and  Android 

Best for Analog films with old memories.

Using Fuji Cam, you can take photos with a retro film feel. Open Huji Cam and experience stunning cinematic photos. When you launch the app, the app comes preset with film filters so you can take cinematic photos with a single tap. And this is a very easy way for many people to achieve film-quality photos. No post-editing is required.

RNI Films

System for ISO 

Best for Analogue film app.

RNI is a film photography app for iOS. It is not a movie camera app but a movie filter app. Because its professional film profiles and film filters are preferred by great photographers. You can use real film filters to edit your photos with negative, slide, instant, black and white, and vintage effects.

Dazz Cam

System IOS and Android 

Best for Transforming your photos into unique retro works of Art. 

Dazz Cam is a vintage camera that imitates vintage photos with a cinematic feel. And, this camera is inspired by 80s film photography. because It restores the color, texture, grain, and noise of the film to provide movie-like photos. Just open the camera and get film-quality photos in no time, no need for post-shooting editing.

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We’ve completely guided you on how to make photos look like movies. With these tips and tricks, because you’ll be able to easily make adjustments and add film filters to your images. And try more cinematic filters to make your photos stand out.


  1. Add grain and texture. Colour tones for a retro feel.Introduce light leaks and imperfections.Apply a vignette effect.Consider cropping to match the aspect ratio.Add a film border for authenticity.

To make your photos look like the 90s:

  1. Apply a vintage filter.
  2. Adjust the colours to create a fainter look.
  3. Adds grain and texture.
  4. Light leakage or lens flare occurs.
  5. Use a retro-inspired frame or border.

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