Send Private Messages on VSCO Mod APK- Quick Guide 2024 

After years of user requests, The VSCO is finally more serious about balancing photographer space and social media platforms. Now they offer “Private message” options that are different from how…

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After years of user requests, The VSCO is finally more serious about balancing photographer space and social media platforms. Now they offer “Private message” options that are different from how messaging works on various other platforms. This is certainly a better late-than-never feature. Instagram is a pretty crappy place, 

so it’s a great addition for photographers who are genuinely looking for another place to call home.

How do I use Private messages?

Messages are a way to connect with others in the VSCO community, share inspiration, and learn from others.

Accessing the messages (ISO)

  1. Select the profile icon. 
  2. Click on the new global menu top left corner.
  3. Click on messages.

Messages safety control 

When you receive a message,  you have the following options for the message:


This will prevent this person from tracking, sending messages, or interacting with your account. And, once you block a sender, reporting options will appear.

Ignore message

If you ignore a message it will remove the message from your inbox.


This will allow you to interact with Messenger.

Message receive control 

You can choose whether to only receive messages from people you follow.

  1. Click the Global menu icon top left corner.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Under preferences, click toggle on/off Allow messages only from.  And, Tap “Allow messages only from people I follow” (iOS) and tap “Allow messages only from people I follow” (Android).
private message

Forward content from VSCO profiles to another user 

  1. Tap on any content (image, DSCO, journal, or profile) to enter the details view.
  2. Tap the Message icon Message.png to forward the content to another user who follows you.

How to leave a message thread

If you complete a conversation in a message thread, and you are allowed to access certain options in this situation:

  • You can swipe left on the message to clear it if you want to talk. Note that the sender can start the conversation at any time.
  • Click the message to the message thread, and click the options icon.
  • Select Leave from the conversation in the top right corner.  And, this method allows you to hide the chat unless the sender sends a new message again.
private message on vsco

Mute thread messages

  • If you want the message to remain muted, swipe left on the message and select the “Mute” option. Because this option suppresses notifications for specific threads, so you can focus on other important things. whenever possible, you can access VSCO’s Send Private Messages.
  • Anyone who wants to maintain an uninterrupted and peaceful messaging environment, and now click on a message to start a chat thread and select the “mute” option. And you can enjoy massages in a quiet environment.

How to stop messages

  • If you want to stop the conversation, block or unfollow the user.
  • Users will no longer be able to message you because you’re not following them.

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This article explains how to send private messages in VSCO, message safety controls, message receiving controls, mute notifications, message threads, and how to stop a conversation. The VSCO Private Messaging Guide allows you to connect, share knowledge, and protect your app community.

By controlling your messages, so you can gain useful knowledge and be creative in your chats. And this is all possible by addressing message threats and improving mindset in the field. Because Join inspiring chats and drive innovation today using VSCO Messaging.


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