Ultimate Guide to Mastering VSCO Recipes: Create, Apply, and Manage Like a Pro

In the world of photo presets comes the small yet mighty VSCO app. Even if you are refining your gallery or exploring the new world of storytelling with your photos,…

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In the world of photo presets comes the small yet mighty VSCO app. Even if you are refining your gallery or exploring the new world of storytelling with your photos, VSCO has always been the perfect launchpad to get your mobile photo to the next level. 

Release the full potential of your photos with our select list of the best VSCO recipes. With various recipes from classic portraits to vintage film, dreamy pastels, muted beiges, and jump summer hues. Each recipe feature is the key to unlocking the beauty behind your photos. So, in this article, you will find the best VSCO Recipe features, including Create, Apply, and Manage your Edits.

Start with the VSCO Recipe

We want them to reflect our style and personality when we start editing with the recipes feature in the VSCO app. It is easier to create consistent and personalized looks. So, this tool lets you discover a whole new way to edit your photos and make it simple to recreate your favorite styles.

So, you want fun playing around with your photos and editing them using the VSCO Recipe tool? It helps you save your favorite editing combinations so you can recreate the looks that your choice is right for you.

How to create a VSCO Recipe?

Step 1 

Select an image from your library and tap the Edit icon. Select a preset and use the toolbar to adjust the photo as desired.

Step 2 

As you edit images, use Swipe gestures to compare your edits quickly. Swipe left on the image to undo your latest edit or swipe right to redo your edit.

Step 3 

Select the Edit list icon.

  • Tap any row in the edit list to remove or adjust a specific tool or preset.
  • After editing, tap the + icon to create a new recipe using the current edit list.

How to apply VSCO Recipe?

Step 1 

Select a photo from your gallery that you want to improve. Tap on the edit icon to start editing the photo.

Step 2 

In the editing space, see the edit list icon. Select the recipe you want to use for your image from the line of small image previews.

Step 3

Once you select the recipe, a list of changes will appear below the photo. You can make further adjustments to the image if necessary.

So when you are done, select the “Publish” option. This will upload the photo to the VSCO profile and automatically save all your edits.

How to manage your recipes?

Step 1 

Tap the organizer icon to access your recipes.

Step 2 

Change the order of the recipes by holding down the double line (=) next to each recipe and moving it up or down. If you want to delete a recipe, tap the icon that looks like a minus sign in a circle.

Remember, don’t forget to save your changes.

How to Organize Your Presets, Tools, and Recipes?

So, the newest reset management view allows you to favorite, arrange, and hide presets, tools, and recipes. 

To organize your presets, Tools and recipes tap a photo in the studio and tap the edit icon.

This will launch the preset dock. From here, tap on the Organize Prests and Tools section.

This view shows all available Presets, Tools, and Recipes. 


  • Tap on the favorite icon to add the preset to your favorites.
  • Once you have added it to your favorites, the presets will appear at the front of your preset dock.
  • Presets marked as favorites appear in the favorites tab in the Edit view.
  • When you have finished adding the preset to your favorites, the tab “Save.”
  • To rearrange the order of presets in favorites, press and hold the sort icons and drag the presets into your preferred order. 
  • Once you are finished sorting your presets, tap Save.
vsco rrecipe presest
  • If you want to hide an entire section of presets, tap Hide.
  • Note that any favorite presets will not be hidden from your prest dock.
  • Once you have finished hiding presets, tap save.

Tools and Recipes

  • You can arrange both tools and recipes in the same way but at the same currently, you can not hide any tools or recipes.
  • Tap a recipe to delete it.
  • If you accidentally delete a recipe, tap cancel, and your changes will not be saved.
  • Tap to save changes.

Using Recipe and history

Undo edits and save groups of edits for later use in the recipe.

What it is 

Recipes are a useful feature in photo and video editors that allow you to save a set of in

Ingredients, such as tools or preset adjustments. You can apply it to other images at once in the future.

The Recipe tab also includes a history tool that allows you to see all edits currently applied to the image, remove individual edits, clear all edits, and undo steps. or preview the image with and without one edit.

How to use

  • To create a recipe, first edit the photo to your liking. Then tap the recipes icon.
  • Here, you will see a list of all currently applied edits. To create a recipe, tap the + icon to see a thumbnail of the selected photo with these edits applied.
  • To apply this recipe to another photo, open another photo in the editor. Open the recipe tab, and select this recipe by tapping the thumbnail.
  • To delete a recipe, long press on the recipe.
  • Long-pressing an item in the edit list temporarily disables that item. Tap or swipe left on an item in the list to adjust or remove it.
  • At the bottom of the edit list are Undo and Clear all choices. Undo moves your edits back in time. Reset photos to default.

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In conclusion, VSCO Recipe: Create, Apply, and Manage Your Edits

In the world of photo landscape phone photography, VSCO remains a dependable companion for photographers of all skill levels. With its interface, powerful editing tools, and vibrant community. VSCO empowers users to free their creative photography to new heights.

You are applying and managing your edits. You unlock the full potential of VSCO and enter on a journey of artistic analysis. 


Q.1 How does the VSCO Recipe feature work?

 A. the recipe feature allows you to save and apply custom editing presets, and unify your editing.

Q.2 How do you delete recipes on VSCO? 

 A.  A. To delete recipes on VSCO, tap on the recipe you want to remove. Then select the three-dot menu icon and choose Delete.    

Q.3 Can you save edits on VSCO?

 A. you can save your edits on VSCO by using the save button in the editing interface.

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